Here are some random picture of my work.

Please take a moment to look through them so you can get a idea of the quality of work I do.

I offer professional quality work at a fair price!

RV`s & Boats are towards the bottom of the page!

Need some scratches removed

                                                After                                                                   Before

Scratch removal Before and After

                                                             Removing Swirls in paint

Buffing oxidized paint back to a brilliant shine

Does your paint glow like this?   It can!


Yes we do all types of vehicles 

Making a very oxidized truck shine again

Here is the dirt and contaminants detailers clay removed from one small section after the car was washed

The rims are always thoroughly cleaned

                                                                Much brighter

                                                    Before                                                                                 After

           Little over spray on those mirrors                                                        Not anymore

Dont you hate all the little scratches from your finger nails behind your door handles

Yes we clean up the headlights also

Dirty interiors don`t scare us

                                                                                                                       Have some dirty leather?


Engine looking a little rough?

Wow what a difference

Dont let love bugs ruin your paint. We will get them off

                   No more love bugs           ----                  Love bugs           



Just look at the reflection on the RV`s


  This is what your RV roof should look like
when done

                                       5th wheel roof before

                                    5th wheel roof after

Upper area shinning like new again

Bring back the shine to a box truck one panel at a time.

                        Before                                                                                          After

              Here`s the whole roof after it was thoroughly cleaned & conditioned

One of a kind Hand painted 34ft Kichina

A boat like this needs to shine at all times!

Twin 500hp engines

If your boat doesn`t shine like this then give us a call and it will!

Boat suffering from severe oxidation. We can make it look new again no matter how old or new

                               Before                                                                                    After





Look at the shine we put on this boat

Yes we do boats including the hull in the water.

Have a mildew problem. We can get rid of it.



                     Oxidized                                                             No longer oxidized

Yes your boats hull can reflect like this again too!

1987 Four Winns in need of some componding ( before )

1987 Four Winns ( After )

Side by side comparison of oxidation removal

Got some rust  that needs taken care off?

Let us take care of it for you

               Look at all the rust                                                                 All gone!

Some stained up railings

Now that`s better

Very dull looking

No longer dull looking

Cleaning up the interior

Shiny towards the bow still very dirty in the back

Nice reflection on that hull

We do all size boats